Mary & Jason

Mary & Jason

Mary and Jason are a lovely Chinese couple in their 70s.

Jason is an Australian citizen, living on welfare benefits and in housing commission with his partner Mary in Neutral Bay, Sydney.

Unfortunately, Mary is not an Australian citizen so she does not receive medical or financial assistance from the government at all.

She is looking after Jason who is a victim of dementia who suffers, constant and sudden memory loss when he steps outside of the house. Which can mean he often goes missing.  Mary is his full-time carer and receives no financial assistance.

In order to fix the situation, they need to pay off outstanding legal fees that they simply can’t afford. This elderly couple can barely eat three meals a day.

With very little income from Jason’s benefit alone, they are barely able to do this.

Watch the video on Nissy Nassif from the Wiping Tears Charity Foundation, helping  this lovely  family – please click below.

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