Wiping Tears is a non-profit charity that was established to provide immediate financial assistance to families who are experiencing disadvantage due to illnesses or social injustice.

With your help, each year we are able to help families overcome these obstacles and achieve a higher quality standard of life including greater access to healthcare, education, financial relief and more.

Most families choose to remain anonymous for privacy concerns, however we are blessed to have some of the families share their stories and journeys with you to show how Wiping Tears helped them find hope once again.


Jean Nassif, Managing Director of the Toplace Group, is the founder of the Wiping Tears Charitable Foundation. Together with his wife, Nissy Nassif, they both volunteer their time to fundraising causes for families in need.


Jean Nassif is the Founder of the Wiping Tears Charitable Foundation. After being subjected to a civil war in Lebanon Jean Nassif arrived in Australia in 1989 where he commenced work in the Construction Industry to later become a successful property developer.

From humble beginnings, Jean Nassif recognises the importance of giving back to people and sharing his expertise across a range of sectors including retail, construction, development, commercial, civil work and project management.

Jean is a  very active member of the community and a generous philanthropist to other charities in addition to his Wiping Tears Charity Foundation.


Nissy Nassif is a socialite and social entrepreneur. She is a passionate director and CEO of the Wiping Tears Charitable Foundation which seeks to help families who face financial traumas due to health obstacles.

As well as being a philanthropist, Nissy is also an event planner for the Toplace group of companies which is owned and directed by her husband Jean Nassif.

Nissy has hosted many social, charitable and beauty pageant events such as Miss Lebanon Australia and the Basil Soda fashion show. Nissy has been on many judging panels and was most recently on the judging panel for the Pageant of the World in 2018.

Nissy also uses her talent and her educational background in performing arts to mentor beauty pageant contestants from around the world.

Our History

The Wiping Tears Charitable Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization founded to help families who may be experiencing financial hardship, homelessness, poverty, limited access to education, health, and medical resources, and those seeking asylum.
The help and charity provided is intended to improve the living standards of these affected families to bring light, love and hope.

Our Committee

Evelyn Nassif Helou: Lawyer, daughter of Jean Nassif.
Belinda Arraj: wife of Danny Arraj, Owner of Blackstone Waterhouse.
Larissa Mouawad, Lawyer.
Ashlyn Nassif: Lawyer, daughter of Jean Nassif
Angela Vassallo: Author of The Second Wives HQ.

Our fingerprints on the lives we touch never fade

Our fingerprints on the lives we touch never fade