Supporting Compassion Australia’s Sanitation Projects in Ghana

Supporting Compassion Australia’s Sanitation Projects in Ghana

Wiping Tears are proud to support Compassion Australia who have helped to fund water and sanitation projects at the Odoben Presby Child Development Centre in Ghana, providing potable water as a means of supporting the wellbeing of locals.

This amazing initiative has helped support 593 children and their families at Bobikuma Pentecost and Odoben Presby child development centres in Ghana, Africa. The health of Compassion-assisted children and families have significantly improved since the borehole was constructed to allow them access to potable water at any time.

“… Farmers and food vendors can easily access water for their work, and through sanitation and hygiene training, caregivers have been educated on how to properly clean their homes to prevent sanitation-related illnesses among families.” – John, Ghana.

Not only was the project successful in providing 10,000 new water reservoirs across the two child development centres, it provided handwashing sinks and taugh children and caregivers important hygiene and sanitation practices to prevent waterborne diseases and promote wellbeing throughout the communities.

“I will no longer need to struggle to find water, and my family and I will be relieved from waterborne diseases. The borehole also means that I can be punctual for lessons at the child development centre, which will allow me to gain a proper education.” – Newhope, Ghana.

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