Saving kids’ lives with Wiping Tears and Bankstown Hospital

Saving kids’ lives with Wiping Tears and Bankstown Hospital

Saving kids’ lives with Wiping Tears and Bankstown Hospital

Toplace Group’s partner Wiping Tears has donated four cutting edge paediatric heart monitors to Bankstown Hospital to help improve the diagnosis of health issues, their treatment and the quality of life of those affected.

As part of both Toplace’s commitment to our community, non-profit charity Wiping Tears donated four Philips Cardiac Monitors to the hospital’s Paediatric Ward. The devices allow continuous monitoring of children affected by heart problems and quickly and accurately relay that information to doctors and nurses.

“The beauty of having these types of monitors is that they have a removable module to accompany children for transport to scans and surgery,” Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital General Manager Peter Rophail said.

“Having monitors on children alleviates the stress parents might have while their child is in hospital, especially overnight.

“Over 31,000 children each year are tested for heart complications at Bankstown Hospital and now the doctors are confident that families will receive the care they need.”

According to the hospital: “The addition of the state-of-the-art Philips cardiac monitor allows the paediatric team to continue caring for its patients. The monitors have the ability to rapidly provide staff with vital information in an unwell child, allowing them to respond accordingly and provide appropriate timing of medical intervention.

“Thank you Wiping Tears. These monitors will help save lives!”

Toplace Managing Director and Wiping Tears Charity Foundation Founder Jean Nassif and Toplace General Manager Larissa Mouawad toured the Bankstown Hospital Paediatric Ward to witness how the monitors are improving the lives of children affected by heart issues and the care they receive.

“It was very touching to see how these heart monitors have significantly improved the medical attention children will receive due to the generosity of our director and our sponsors,” Ms Mouawad said.

In Australia, around one in every hundred children has a heart problem. It is imperative that children are given access to the best technology from birth to ensure that any heart complications are found early on and can be treated.

Toplace and Wiping Tears was made aware of Bankstown Hospital’s need for improved facilities and care in its Paediatric Ward through talks with a staff member at the facility.

“We were privileged to see how the monitors impacted staff, doctors and families in need, as they provide comfort that accurate readings will be given to ensure immediate and appropriate treatment,” Mr Nassif said.

“Many lives will be saved and Toplace along with Wiping Tears are forever grateful to our sponsors for empowering doctors and staff to look after our most vulnerable.”

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